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My Favorite Utah Photoshoot Locations | Utah Couple + Wedding Photographer

Utah is no doubt one of my F A V O R I T E places to travel and take photos! There are sooo many beautiful places to take photos there that sometimes it can be overwhelming, so I'm sharing my top favorite Utah photoshoot locations!

1. Little Sahara Sand Dunes

This location is about 1.5-2 hours from Salt Lake City and it's a DREAM. When you pull up to the visitor's center area you'll see a sign to your left that tells you how to pay. Once you do that you'll just pull in and from here you can really veer off onto any street and it will take you to a parking lot area. Once parked you'll have to walk up the dunes to get to a spot you like. If you walk a little further out you'll see the areas where there's no greenery and it's just sand. I've shot out here at all times of the day and it's honestly beautiful no matter when you go.

Little Sahara Sand Dunes by Kelsey Young Photography

2. Booneville Salt Flats

I feel like this one is the most popular spot and the one most people are familiar with. It's one of those locations that just seems unreal. I type in the "Booneville Salt Flats Special Recreation Management Area" into my gps. Its a pretty big parking lot that has a bathroom. The flats are just steps away from the lot. There are usually a ton of people out there but they're pretty easy to edit out from the background - just wanted to warn you ahead of time.

Booneville Salt Flats by Kelsey Young Photography

3. The Great Saltair

This spot looks SUPER similar to the salt flats, but it's only about 15 minutes from the city so if you're not able to make the drive to the salt flats, this definitely gives the same vibe. There's an old music venue that looks like a castle sort of thing and I just park somewhere outside of that and walk right past it to get there.

The Great Saltair by Kelsey Young Photography

4. Albion Basin (Top of Little Cottonwood Canyon)

This mountain location is INCREDIBLE. I just shot there in July and all of the yellow wild flowers were out! You'll go up some windy roads and get to a stand where you pay to get in. Once you pass that you'll see a parking on your right and we parked there. There's a trail that goes off that parking lot and you just walk down the trail and you can stop wherever.

Albion Basin (Top of Little Cottonwood Canyon) by Kelsey Young Photography

5. Antelope Island

This place is huge and has soooo much room to shoot. We parked at a lot up at the top where we had a really good view. I think it was around the visitor's center. You can really drive to any parking lot there and shoot around it. I'll warn you in the summer it smells TERRIBLE LOL. We went around sunrise and it was the perfect golden glow up there.

Antelope Island by Kelsey Young Photography

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