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My 5 Favorite Engagement Photo Poses | Nashville, TN + Destination Wedding Photographer

As a photographer, something I hear from a lot of couples is "We're awkward in front of the camera" or "We don't know how to pose" - little do they know, none of these things are true! If it's your first time getting professional photos done as a couple, then it may feel a little nerve-racking (which almost EVERYONE feels this way!) but I'm here to promise you that if you trust your photographer and follow their direction, you will be so surprised with how much fun you have during your session and be absolutely obsessed with your photos!

Another thing I can promise you is that our prompts might sound a little funny, so I thought it would be fun to share my 5 favorite engagement photo poses! You may have a laugh or two while reading these, but you will totally understand what I mean when you see the photos!

1. Sit Down & Hold Your Partner Like A Baby

2. Throw Your Arms Around Your Partner's Neck, Pop Your Foot, & Have Them Kiss Your Cheek

3. Belly Button To Belly Button, Temples Together Looking At Me, & Ring Hand On Your Partner's Cheek

4. Kiss Their Hand

5. Walk Away From Me And She Looks Back At Me Over Her Shoulder

That's a wrap on my five favorite engagement session poses! Hopefully you leave this blog feeling excited and know that even if your photographer sounds crazy, they know what poses will look amazing!

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