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What To Bring On Your Wedding Day To Have The Perfect Flat Lay | Nashville, TN Wedding Photographer

As your wedding day approaches and you're finalizing the last details, you might be thinking about what items your photographer will want you to bring for your wedding detail photos!

I have put together a FULL list of what items to bring on your wedding day to achieve the perfect flat lay! These are all personal details to your wedding day, so don't worry about the pretty additional details like ribbon, ring trays, etc! If you are one of my wedding couples, I have an entire flat lay box I bring to every wedding to add the final touches!

Check out the full list below and some of my favorite flat lays I have designed!

What Items To Bring To Make The Perfect Flat Lay:

  1. Save The Date

  2. Wedding Invitation

  3. Engagement Ring

  4. BOTH Wedding Bands

  5. Wedding Day Shoes

  6. Cute Ring Box (I have a ton of these if you don't already have one!)

  7. Garter

  8. Veil

  9. Wedding Day Jewelry (earrings, bracelet, necklace, etc.)

  10. Wedding Bouquet

  11. Any Small Charms Or Details That Are Important Or Sentimental

  12. Denim Jacket With Your New Last Name

  13. Wedding Day Perfume

  14. Wedding Day Purse / Clutch

Most of these items are things you will already have, but know that you don't have to have this ENTIRE list! Some of these are extras that you may or may not have! To see some of my all time favorite flat lays, keep scrolling!

Starting your wedding day with photographing details is seriously my favorite way to start the day! It gives me an idea of the overall vibes for your wedding day and helps my creativity start flowing! I hope this list helps give you an idea of what items to bring on your wedding day!

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