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My Favorite Wedding Venues | The Highlands Chapel At Howe Farms Georgetown, TN Wedding Photographer

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

You cannot go wrong with choosing any venue on the Howe Farms property, but I absolutely LOVE the Highlands Chapel! This venue gives both vintage and timeless feels, and has so many beautiful spots for photos!

Is this not the cutest ceremony venue?! The chandeliers and cathedral windows are EVERYTHING. I could not be more obsessed!

This bridal suite is stunning! There is plenty of natural light and so many pretty spots for photos!

There are SO MANY incredible spots on this property for bride and groom portraits. You can't go wrong taking photos anywhere here!

It's no secret that right outside the chapel is one of my all-time favorite photo spots at this venue! It was perfect for bride and groom portraits, bridal party photos, and family formals!

The reception space at this venue is beautiful! A ton of natural light pours into this space from all of the windows. You can also use the sliding glass doors to use both the indoor and outdoor parts of the reception space during the warmer months!

And a big thank you to all of the wedding vendors that made this day so amazing!


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