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My Favorite Wedding Venues | The Cordelle Nashville, TN Wedding Photographer

The Cordelle is a stunning wedding venue located right in downtown Nashville! I love, love, love photographing at this venue! They have a ton of gorgeous spots for photos and the most beautiful Victorian home!

The Victorian home is I N C R E D I B L E.

Not only is the Victorian home incredible on the outside, but it was also beautiful for getting ready photos! I loved the details, floor to ceiling windows, and full size mirror!

The Garden Space at the venue was perfect for bridal party, family formals, and bride and groom portraits!

With the venue being in downtown Nashville, you can also go outside the venue for more photo options! This bridge was right outside the venue and we walked over to it!

If you're looking for an indoor ceremony space, they have The Great Hall space at their venue! It's super neutral and gives you the opportunity to decorate how you want!

Obsessed with the reception space at this venue!!


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