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Kira + Jacob | Downtown Nashville, TN Engagement Photographer

Meet Kira and Jacob! These two knew exactly what they wanted for their engagement session and wanted photos in every location that was significant in their relationship! Seriously the sweetest idea ever!!! Scroll through to see their special spots and why they are so important to them!

1. Jacob's House

The first stop was Jacob's house, which was where Kira and Jacob met for the first time!

2. Top Golf

Top Golf was where Kira and Jacob hung out for the first time and a place they still love to go to, so of course we had to stop there!

3. Sonny's

Sonny's was originally known as Depot, but this is where Kira and Jacob shared their first kiss! SO SWEET!

4. Joe's Crab Shack

The beginning of Kira and Jacob's first official date! They went here before heading to the Ascend Amphitheater!

5. Ascend Amphitheater

The second part of Kira & Jacob's first date! They went toAscent Amphitheater to see Lee Brice during the CMA fest!

6. Pedestrian Bridge / Nashville Skyline

The last location was Pedestrian Bridge and views of the Nashville skyline! These are two Nashville staples and Kira and Jacob wanted to really emphasize how important Nashville is to them and their relationship!

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